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Evridiki Iliaki

Coaching Psychologist

Evry is a coaching psychologist. She has a 20 year training/coaching experience and she has supported successfully thousands of clients.

Evry attended top UK universities, studied and researched counseling and psychology subjects for more than 6 years. Her future aspiration is a Phd in Psychology. She is an international renown Coaching Psychologist and Speaker with a background in Positive/Wellness Psychology.

Specializations in Coaching/Wellness Psychology
  • Life/Wellness/Leadership coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Anxiety/Stress Management - Science of Breathing
  • Work and Life Balance
  • Panic/Fears Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Therapy Yoga
  • Burn Out Prevention
  • Mindfulness/Relaxation/Positive Visualization
  • Prevention of Chronic Physical Illnesses

Evry has a noteworthy work experience since 2001 in three areas: Teaching, Career and Life Coaching/Counseling and mentoring. After doing her MA degree in the UK she specialized in Career Counseling, sponsored by the European Union in the UK and later on worked for a Charity Foundation in their counselling department. She was a guest speaker on a number of television programs dealing with issues of Life Coaching. She is also an international, motivational speaker and held a series of seminars entitled: “A New Holistic Way to Achieve Success in Your Life through the Use of Abdominal Breathing and Positive Visualization”, “ Work and Life Balance” and wrote various articles on Professional and Personal Development Techniques.

“All starts from “inside”, let us help you see how you can have an extraordinary life. A powerful, fulfilling life! And believe that dreams can come true.”

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